Team India at 38th FIG RG World Championship 2021, Kitakyushu, Japan

Team India at 38th FIG RG World Championship 2021, Kitakyushu, Japan


Coach (Individual) – Krupali Singh
Coaches (Group) – Varsha Upadhye and Neetu Bala
Judge (Individual) – Akshata Shete-Jadhav
Judge (Group) – Pooja Surve
Individual Rhythmic Gymnast – Bavleen Kaur
Group Rhythmic Gymnasts – Aditee Dandekar, Disha Nidre, Janhavi Vartak, Nirja Chavan, Vaibhavi Bapat, Angelica Fernandise

The Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Team left for Japan on 23rd October 2021 which was followed by a series of 4 days of Podium training before the competition.

On Day 4 at 38th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship Kitakyushu, Japan 2021 Team India Group shared the same training carpet with Team USA Group today for podium training, and it proved to be a great learning experience for our gymnasts. Indian gymnasts received wonderful feedback and appreciation from the Olympic level team and their coaches A memorable moment of the championship indeed!

The Group Rhythmic Gymnastics Event took place on 29th October 2021, Day 5 of the Word Championship. Indian Group Rhythmic Gymnasts received India’s best ever All-Around score at a FIG World Championship

Our Indian gymnasts truly put up a strong and commendable performance in both mixed and single apparatus events. In 2018 Indian Group scored 16.450 All Around but in 2021 they have scored 30.100
All of this has been achieved with great determination from gymnasts throughout the pandemic and valuable support from Gymnastics Federation of India for this competition

Judges, Coaches and FIG officials from around the world appreciated Indian Team’s performance. They conveyed that this performance will prove to be a big step ahead for Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics and more than the scores it is that impact that matters the most. Thank you FIG for all the encouragement. There’s a long way to go for Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics but such competitions and such improvement in performances will help us grow steadily towards our goal.

Never before has any Indian RG Team received such appreciation and positive feedback from FIG Technical Committee and other officials. While India has a long way to go in Rhythmic Gymnastics, this improvement shown by the Team is a big step towards the future of Indian RG.
More than scores or ranking, it is this impact that has garnered them the support and recognition by officials and viewers.

These gymnasts have truly sustained throughout the pandemic and trained with all heart. Big thanks to Gymnastics Federation of India for conducting the All-India trials and giving them the chance to compete on this platform, even through this pandemic. Kudos to all who have helped them in this journey. We are proud of the Team and wish them all the best for future competitions

Our Group Rhythmic Gymnastics team landed in India on 1st November and returned back home from the World Championship to happy faces, proud parents and proud coaches!Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye, who was also their Group Team Coach, celebrated her golden birthday in the flight and then at the airport with our enthusiastic RG family

There’s lots to celebrate about and so much more to look forward to for our academy and for Indian RG! Taking this moment to be grateful for all the opportunities past, present and future! Now onto the next goal.

It would be important to note that all 6 Group Rhythmic Gymnasts of Team India are from Mumbai and trained at Premier Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy.

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