Montage of a training day. A sneak peak into our offline training at Shivaji Park Center with Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye with the Khelo India soundtrack playing in the background.
A brief offline training day during March 2021
 PRGA Women’s Day 2021 at Shivaji Park Center
Celebrating the women-oriented sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Introducing the sport to new students and their parents with a demonstration by advanced training PRGA gymnasts and coaches.
 PRGA Women’s Day 2021 at Thane Center
PRGA Coach Radhika conducted a fun fitness session with mothers and daughters. Partner activities and training exercises to celebrate the beautiful sports of rhythmic gymnastics.
Varsha Upadhye TEDx Talk 2020 at TEDxPanaji, Goa
A performace of PRGA Rhythmic Gymnasts followed by a TEDx Talk by Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye about what Rhythmic Gymnasts taught her in this journey. First ever Ted Talk by an Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge and Coach.
A summary video of all the activities through this lockdown from March to September. PRGA girls, Coaches powered through all hurdles and difficulties. The online training continues. #StayFit #StayHome
Throwback to 4th Emirates Cup, Dubai 2019 –
It’s been a year to this motivation filled international competition, a memory cherished by our Juniors since it was the first ever International event for most of them! Here’s a small video celebrating this Dubai journey in December 2019.
INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY 2020 – PRGA gymnasts from all age groups celebrate the spirit of dance, online!
Home Training during Lockdown – PRGA Senior gymnast Ananya Soman
BABY SHARK ABS CHALLENGE – PRGA Rhythmic Gymnasts take the workout challenge

Group Rhythmic Gymnastics – International Competitions – PRGA

Team India Group Event – Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, Sofia – 5 Hoops
Team India Group Event – Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, Sofia – 3 Balls + 2 Ropes
Team India Group Event – Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup, Minsk

Individual Events – International Competitions – PRGA

1st Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019, Telangana

FIG World Championship 2018, Sofia

FIG World Challenge Cup 2018, Minsk

Kshipra Joshi – CWG 2010, Delhi

Interviews and Stage performances