Our Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye has journeyed as a player, a coach, a judge and a sports official on national as well as international platforms therefore gaining immense insight in these past 30+ years in the sports industry – Knowledge not just about gymnastics but an overall sports scenario, development, training, fitness, competitions, hurdles, progress etc! 
#CoachSpeaks is a series where Varsha Upadhye shares her views and experiences on various topics related to Sports – development, progress, hurdles and obstacles etc.

Pro Gymnastics League 2019 - An Interesting Initiative to create awareness and bonding among gymnasts across the country
13th February, 2019: Remembering my mother |
How persuasion for correct training and importance for fitness starts from home
A Coach is like a second mother!
Women's Day 2019 - Celebrating Women in RG India
Efficiency in RG India
Invitation to discuss 2019 manifesto
Outlook for sports as a healthy lifestyle
A visit from my coach, reminding me how coaching is also a constant learning process
Balancing motherhood and coaching - creating a trustworthy environment and My son's success that followed
Taking your Guru's legacy forward is the biggest gurudakshina for a guru
Passion will lead rhythmic, passion will lead to success
Ganpati Puja Tradition at PRGA
Becoming a champion is not a package deal
Pursuing the sport from start to the finish line
A new generation of champions, a proud moment as coach - Khelo India 2020
PRGA senior Aditee Dandekar wins Shiv Chhatrapati Award 2019-2020
Staying FIT is the only way to survive these changing times
A heartfelt message to all Coaches in the time of Corona Virus Lockdown 2020
Mother's Day Special - Thanking my two pillars of strength
Navratri 2020 Special - The NaariShakti Series for 9 Days