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Featured: Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye’s Interview in Loksatta newspaper, 27th April 2020

#Featured: Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye's Interview in Loksatta newspaper April 2020 Loksatta #loksattamumbai #loksattanewspaper Loksatta Marathi "Only those sportspersons maintaining mental and physical health will be able to sustain their training post the coronavirus situation!" In the interview, she describes how online classes are helping [...]

#Featured : Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye’s interview published in Maharashtra Times – Corona Lockdown – 22nd April 2020

#Featured : Chief Coach Varsha Upadhye's interview published in Maharashtra Times! Front page 2 Maharashtra Times #MaharashtraTimes #PremierRhythmic #VarshaUpadhye The interview sheds light on how it is important to keep mental and physical fitness in check during this time of the lockdown, especially for young [...]