India’s First-Ever Online Training Camp and Competition – Rhythmic Gymnastics

India’s First-Ever Online Training Camp and Competition – Rhythmic Gymnastics

Athletes around the world are trying their best to stay focussed and driven through these tough times around the world. This means coming up with innovative solutions and training strategies to stay headstrong in the game.

One such innovative technique has enabled #rhythmicgymnastics family in India to go ahead with added zest!
Our elite rhythmic gymnasts across the country had the opportunity of being a part of INDIA’S FIRST ONLINE TRAINING CAMP that was conducted through this lockdown phase.

Mr. Manoj Rana, Int. Artistic Gymnastics Coach, was the Program Director of this Rhythmic Gymnastics Online Training Camp, showing us a new way forward for national training regimes. Champion rhythmic gymnasts and coaches across the country attended through video conferencing.

The ONLINE TRAINING CAMP was held over a period of 20 days between May to June 2020 which was followed by an ONLINE COMPETITION that was held on 12th June 2020. A foreign expert was part of the training and judged the final competition as well.

#Results of the competition (Total 8 girls participated)

1) Meghana Gundlapally – 41.5
Aditee Dandekar – 40.0
*1st position was shared by Meghana and Aditee*
2) Ananya Soman – 37.0
3) Vaibhavi Bapat – 29.0

Following Senior #rhythmicgymnasts of India participated in the Camp and Competition:
1) Aditee Dandekar
2) Ananya Soman
3) Nishka Kale
4) Vaibhavi Bapat
5) Nirja Chavan
6) Divya Dave ( Camp)
7) Meghana Gundlapally
8) Richa Chordia (Camp)
9) Divyakshi Mhatre ( Camp)
10) Nitya Jain ( Camp)
11) Life Adlakha
12) Kairvi

Following #Coaches from India attended the competition:
1) Mrs. Varsha Upadhye (RG International Judge and Coach)
2) Mr. Manoj Rana
(Artistic Gymnastics Coach, Program Director of RG training camp)
3) Ms. Kshipra Joshi ( Senior Coach, PRGA)
4) Ms. Madhura Tambe ( Alacrity Academy, Pune, Maharashtra)
5) Manavi Bhandari (Delhi)
6) Coach Elina ( Kalakar Academy, Delhi)
7) Priyanka Sharma

This truly proves that where there is a will there is a way – A dedicated and passionate athlete will always find a way to make things happen no matter what. A new way forward to training regimes indeed!

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