PRGA Women’s Day 2021

PRGA Women’s Day 2021

This Women’s Day we invited new admission students and their parents for an evening to celebrate the best sport for women – Rhythmic Gymnastics. An evening to formally introduce them to this Olympic level sport, to our faculty, and welcome them to the PRGA family!

A #PRGAshowcase by all age groups included demonstrations of warm-up sessions, ballet movements, apparatus handling, competitive sets by both individual and group rhythmic gymnasts. The event was held in our Shivaji Park, Dadar Center.

Over 15 years and still going strong, the academy is proud to have such pillars of strength, superwomen who inspire us to work hard every day. We hope to see these little munchkins progress further into a fitter lifestyle.

PRGA Women’s Day 2021 celebration at the main Shivaji Park Center, Dadar.

PRGA Coach Radhika organized a fun filled evening at the Thane Center to celebrate the spirit of sportswomen and womanhood!The mothers of these students were invited to join them in their training activities and enjoy a session of getting fit together with their daughters

PRGA Thane Center celebrates Women’s Day

Thank you to all students and parents for participating in this as well as our Dadar center Women’s Day celebration!Here’s to a fitter India, to the fit champion women of tomorrow and all those superwomen moms who ensure their daughters make fitness their lifestyle!

Happy Women’s Day to all!

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