The Queen’s Cup International Invitational Competition 2016

The Queen’s Cup International Invitational Competition 2016


The Queen’s Cup International Invitational Competition ends with a bang! With a lot of medals and motivating future perspective for the gymnasts.

The Queens Cup Competition was a 2 day international invitational competition held at Hong Kong. It included Rhythmic Gymnastics as well as Asthetic Group Gymnastics competition. Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition was held in various age groups depending on their date of birth. As this was the 10th year of PRGA we decided to take our academy to a higher level continuing the tradition of 10 successful years of participation in various official international events like World Championships and Common Wealth Games. PRGA goes one step forward by giving international exposure to younger age groups as well. PRGA participated in 6 age groups (2004,  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2010). Various Clubs from various Asian Countries viz. Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India had participated in this event. The prizes were given to 1st to 8th rank holders.

  • 1st to 4th rank holders were awarded with medals and Merit certificates
  • 5th to 8th rank holders were awarded with merit certificates.












  • 5 gymnasts secured 4th place awarded medals
  • 4 gymnasts secured 5th place
  • 7 gymnasts secured 6th place
  • 3 gymnasts secured 7th place
  • 8 gymnasts secured 8th place


PRGA is very proud of the achievements by the gymnasts.



  • Riddhi Vinherkar received a ‘Best Smile of the Tournament Award’
  • One of the most proud moment was when our gymnast Swara Ghogle held the 8th Rank with all the Malaysian gymnasts holding 1st to 7th ranks. She was the only gymnast who could compete all the Malaysian gymnasts in her age group.

All the success goes to our coaches Varsha Upadhye Sadichchha Kulkarni and Kshipra Joshi. PRGA is thankful to all the parents for the consistent support and encouragement and looks forward to better results.

Premier Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy is very proud of all the achievements and looks forward to working hard and enriching the soaring talent.

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